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journeyround's Journal

18 June
10cc, 20/20, 3ds, abba, adi, agitation free, alice, amm, aurelia, beach boys, beckett trilogy, bee gees, big star, bo hansson, bobby fuller, bowie, byrds, caetano veloso, can, charles cohen, chateau d'argol, cob, dbs, dead souls in guerney, devo, dfh, difficult death, duck you sucker, dusty, eazy-e, elo, eno, eric b. and rakim, erkin koray, esg, espers, extinction, faust, fela, felt, forest, francoise hardy, fred neil, gathering evidence, gbv, gene clark, go-betweens, gong, grace jones, gun club, independent people, irma, isb, jack nitzsche, jack rose, jackie de shannon, jakob von gunten, jbs, jekyl and hyde, john cale, john fahey, journey round my skull, kevin ayers, kinks, lbgp, lenz, maldoror, mbv, mdid, meic stevens, mev, mf doom, mia, michel polnareff, missy e, modern lovers, moravagine, mount analogue, neu!, nico, night of the hunter, nights of cabiria, nv (groep) 65, odb, omd, opal, os mutantes, ov (wright), paris peasant, pg six, preston sturges, pretty things, q65, reading, roadside picnic, robert wyatt, rtx (with neil), sanitorium under the sign, saragossa manuscript, scg, scott walker, searchers, shangri-las, six memos for millenium, skip spence, sleeping, soft machine, sparks, stalker, stooges, sunset boulevard, susan alcorn, sweet, sweet smell of success, t2, television, terry riley, tful282, the architect of ruins, the bats, the cannanes, the chills, the clean, the delfonics, the fall, the feelies, the house of breath, the jacks, the ship, the street of crocodiles, the stylistics, the terminals, the tree of life, the writing of stones, tim hardin, tkp, trex, troggs, tvp, ultramagnetic mcs, vip, vu, werther nieland, wire, yapping, ymg, zombies,